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As part of ECO Pressure Clean an Edinburgh based environmentally ethical cleaning company, we bring an alternative way to clean and maintain gutters. View a video of the system below.

Gutters perform a simple but vital task - they move rainwater from the rooftop to the ground, preventing dripping, pooling and water entering your property where it will cause damp and damage. Leaking water will damage walls, it rots wooden items such as window frames and will cause unsightly stains on your walls. Many property owners find it difficult to perform regular cleaning due to the height and safety aspects.

We have invested in the latest gutter cleaning technology using high-pressure vacuum equipment and portable video cameras called SkyVac.
We are the first company in Scotland to use this commercial system. This state-of-the-art system is quick, safe and reliable. It can also clean inside the top of the downpipe and check if it is flowing properly.

Surveying is performed using Wireless video cameras, where we are able to view and record the guttering areas, downpipe tops and check their condition up to 4 floors high or around 10m high. It provides many benefits as we do not usually need ladders, scaffolding or powered access to perform either a survey or the actual cleaning.

We can help so get in touch to get a free quotation and survey where we willl show you the condition and contents of your gutters!

We also offer a building inspection survey service using the video camera system, being able to view gutters, roof etc. This can be useful and cost effective. View example where we cleaned a blocked downpipe and checked its flow after cleaning.

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